04 August, 2010

Tuesday - Art Gallery

After Tassie went off to Play School, Mutti Angie and I had a great adventure taking the train into the city. It's been a LONG time since I've taken the train and I've decided this is going to change. I'd like to take the babies in to visit their Daddy at work every fortnight.

Today we went to the Art Gallery.

I so enjoyed a new exhibition of Robert Bunny's work... Mutti kindly bought a postcard for me of one of his works.

I had hoped to catch the Candid Camera exhibition which - it turned out - finished on Sunday.
But happily I found this postcard of Prime Minister Gough Whitlam pouring soil in the hand of Vincent Lingiari in 1975, evidently part of the collection (a Mervyn Bishop photo).

How about this sculpture of Patricia Piccinini's 'Big Mother'. Pretty interesting. A man saw us taking a photo of the poster afterwards (as you can't photograph the actual sculpture) and told us to go up and see it! As if we didn't think of that...

In the evening Ian and I met up for a movie, "Inception." I thought it was really wonderful, explored some big ideas and Leonardo di Caprio was great. It could have been better - it was a little rushed at the end when you needed to sift through the story more carefully - but I would recommend it.

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