13 August, 2010

Thursday - day 224 - Monti and Manda's

Angie adoring Delilah...

Peek a boo

Gandy arrives

Spoiled Didgee on Manda's bed (in the loungeroom)

 Delilah watches Manda while she feeds

Look Mum I can draw

Here's the story
Tassie went to Monti this morning, and after 10 minutes of settling in, I took Angie to Manda's (I noted that the designer-dressed mothers seem to be staying with their kids at Monti each week. They're not supposed to). We had a great visit, seeing Delilah again, and when I took her over to Angie, he gently touched her forehead with his, like he does with us at home. He couldn't stop smiling at her, which was lovely. I also got lots of lovely cuddles with the tiny little bundle of baby. I must remember to ask Manda to take a photo of me holding her next time.

Manda has a gorgeous new couch - at last. There's just no floor space available to get to it. But it looks good!
I attempted to do my scrap page, but there was only time to stick the photos down. Manda and I had a bit of catching up to do, and it was great to see Mum too, who came along. I ate some of Manda's banana cake before leaving again to collect Tassie. We were there an hour and a half but it seemed to go like five minutes.

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