13 August, 2010

Friday - day 225 - playground

Today as usual, we took Tassie to daycare but from there we went shopping straight away. Must remember to do that again, in the morning, when we're all fresh! Angie and I both rested in the afternoon, something I rarely do, but seem to be very tired again lately. In the afternoon, I got a few pics developed for my niece Elizabeth's 11th birthday party on sunday (I'm making a little brag book to show each year since 2004). We had time to kill before collecting Tassie, so we went to the playground. I took some pics with my Nokia phone.

Angie kept doing this funny thing, waving his little hand in front of his face, even with noone else around (except some high school kids on the swings).

His favourite thing is the slide. He even goes up the steps himself now.
The photos are a bit random, because it doesn't take the photo until several seconds after pressing the button. It's still fun to do occasionally, though.

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