16 August, 2010

Monday - artworks everywhere

So the babies woke at 5.30am, which is a little too early for me. It took me a while to wake up and I felt grumpy all day. I managed to escape to the study for a little while in the morning, to send an urgent email to one of my students. When I came out to see why it was so quiet, this is what I found...

It was Angie this time. He'll write on anything he can his hands on and unfortunately the pen hadn't put far enough out of his reach. He climbs chairs to get pens now.

So I put him in his chair with some paper and he clearly preferred writing on the tray.

What are YOU looking at?

OK, I'll draw on the paper just get the camera outta my face
I worked out to sticky tape the paper down so he can't lift it to draw on the tray. Hope that works.

1 comment:

Wendy said...

oh my gosh Debbie your couch. Can you get it out?


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