04 August, 2010

Monday - day 214 - Mutti Robin meets baby Delilah

Mutti Robin has come to stay with us before returning to Melbourne from her big trip to Principia in the US. Tassie has been delighted to have Mutti here and was very enchanted with her special gift of 'magic' pens that use invisible ink and can change colour.

Tassie made a special card for Delilah.

Soon Manda and baby Delilah came to visit which was wonderful - we haven't seen them for about two weeks!

Mutti loved having a long cuddle with Delilah.

The baby's wearing a little knitted top from Auntie Shirl.

Tassie likes to say "I love her (Delilah)"

Manda looks very relaxed after getting a bit more sleep in the evenings.

Mutti had the idea for Manda to put her wedding ring on baby Delilah's little foot. It's so tiny!

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