13 August, 2010

Wednesday - Day 223 - building blocks

Today I raced into the study at 9am when I know there's an hour of quiet while the kids watch ABC Kids and play. I managed to get all my prep done for work in the evening which made it a much easier, less stressful day.

Angie loves to grab the box of blocks and rummage around inside. He hasn't started building with these yet, but does like to stack the wooden blocks and the coloured pegs.

Oops, where's Angie?

He often goes behind the couch. It's his little safe haven. It's funny to watch him go running over to hide behind the couch, usually when his sister has grabbed a toy off him. She is always made to give the toy back and give him a hug. She does this reluctantly.

Angie looks so cute marching around in his little outfit.

Tassie was a bit out of sorts today. Being uncooperative at every opportunity. We went to the toy library today and getting there was a big drama... first I had trouble getting the double pram into the boot, but that was mainly because I was feeling grumpy from Tassie's behaviour. Then at the toy library, the toy nazi waited til I manouvered the pram through the doorway before demanding I park the children outside while I selected toys. If you're going to ask a mother to abandon her babies, at least say it nicely! They were fine, as it turned out, and I could watch them the whole time. But still...

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