05 August, 2010

Thursday - resting day

The day went like this: we said goodbye to Mutti at 8.55 when Manda arrived to pick her up and take her to the airport. Angie and I then rushed Tassie off to Monti where we were a few minutes late, but fortunately no one seemed to notice. When I got back I decided to enjoy my morning with my little man. We had just sat down to play when the phone rang - someone I hadn't heard from in a while, and it was almost an hour until she hung up. When the call ended there was only half an hour before we had to go and pick up Tassie again!

We've had a bit of success using the toilet again today (Tasmin that is!). Still a couple of 'accidents' but she seemed more on task about it, and didn't try endless trips back and forth. So I'm feeling confident it's time to try again. She hasn't had any problem using the toilet at Monti which is very very encouraging.

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