23 August, 2010

Monday - McDonalds playground and spot of shopping

It's been a pretty good day, despite more fog and rain. We left at 9.30 for Spotlight, with the intention of using my voucher... spend $100 and get $40 off. I forgot to follow my earlier instinct, which was to phone ahead to see if they had my products in stock. I got there and guess what - they didn't! No surprises, that's pretty usual with them. But I ended up spending about $30 anyway on some other stuff including fabric I've been wanting (hessian, canvas and muslin for scrapbooking). The irony was that after months and months of waiting to get refills for my Missing X (Xyron sticker maker) I finally went and got some elsewhere on Saturday only to find 3 boxes marked down to half price today! So I grabbed them all, plus some extra white cardstock which I'm scrapping with a bit lately. Score!

Then we went to McDonalds for a LARGE coffee and milkshake for Tassie. We all had fun, actually. Must do this more often.

The cute thing is, Tassie finally found a willing little playmate. Kids usually ignore her friendly offers to play together.

She even went to the toilet with me, and went home willingly. Ahh, progress!

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