10 August, 2010

Tuesday - 'Mummy comes first' day

This was a nice start to the day ... as I took her photo, Tassie said : I love you Mummy. It's funny that she sometimes says this several times a day, even when she's misbehaving and acting out.

I love you too

Something funny on ABC Kids

Manda and Mike checked out the scrapbook pages I've completed for Delilah's album. They seemed happy with them, which made me very happy :-)

Little sleeping Delilah. I'm looking forward to taking some more photos of her on Thursday. I'm starting a new tradition of visiting Manda and Delilah every Thursday while Tassie's at Monti, to scrapbook one page for her album each week.

Today I was grateful for:
1. Having the willpower to go for a half hour walk with Angie after dropping Tassie off at childcare. It was really great.
2. Collecting my new butterfly punch from Seriously Scrapbooking. It was worth the wait.
3. Learning quite a bit about Adobe Premiere Elements, and actually succussfully making a double DVD for Manda and Mike of Delilah's first few weeks for his parents in Holland.
4. Feeling inspired to do the same plus an album of Tassie's first year.

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