09 August, 2010

Friday - catching up day

Tassie went off to Little Play School and when we returned Angie was tired for an early sleep. Just the usual stuff today: laundry, food shopping and photos developed for Project 365. I asked at Coles if they had Angie's shoe in 'lost and found' and they did! Ian was strangely pleased (I think that if his shoe comes off so easily then it's not much use!). When I was bringing the shopping through the child gate and into the kitchen, Angie was clearly saying "Go" several times. His Dad often says this to him when he toddles across the room and behind the couch, his safe place. He goes there if he's giggling, being chased or needs a bit of quiet.

I made another curry for Ian tonight (Beef Rendang) from Dad's curry book. It was great, even without the chilli (Ian had bought curry powder instead of chilli when he was shopping for the ingredients. Fine by me, I don't like the stuff).

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