05 October, 2010

Thursday - outdoor crafting

I was totally inspired (completey by accident) when I logged on to the computer to print out a certificate from the ABC kids show Giggle and Hoot when I came across this blog Mumma Made it. If you have kids and need ideas this is a great website. I've already ordered 2kg of plaster of paris on Ebay. That'll be fun for another day. Until then I got Tas outside with some white scribble paper and coloured paper scraps and she glued to her hearts' content. Later I got out my butterfly punch and oh! she loved that too. Too bad it didn't last. Two hours of fun in the morning and she was back to her ratty self in the afternoon. Well, it's a work in progress...

P.S. Before we went back inside, she gathered up a bunch of yellow weed flowers (Soursobs) which she considers very beautiful and said "We will put these aside for maweej (marriage)." She thinks a lot about her future family, it seems!

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