14 October, 2010

Thursday - Monti, park, spagetti kind of day

After dropping Tassie at Monti today Angie really needed some unhurried play time after yesterday. So off we went to the park. He spent most of the time sitting quietly playing with the bark chips, after enjoying a long swing, but then he got up, climbed some steps, and showed some interest in going down the slide, making eye contact with me, smiling hesitantly. So I encouraged him, helping him put his bottom in the right spot, and adjusting his legs and down he went. He loves the slide!

I can't seem to resist pulling out my mobile phone camera which is a measly 2 megapixel, and taking photos. It's a bit like having a polaroid. It's become a game of guessing when to click the shutter button, and seeing which shot will be captured after the delay.

Tassie requested noodles so I found spagetti (no noodles left) and thought it might be a fun lunch. She was ok with hers, but Angie chucked most of his on the ground.

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