30 October, 2010

Thursday - photos at Monti

Tassie is so excited on Thursday mornings. She can't get in the car quick enough for Montissori (Monti). Today is an extra special day, being the children's photo day. So naturally I dressed Tassie in the prettiest dress from the recent shopping spree.

She usually starts with some playdo play.

She loves to paint. I was interested to stay a few minutes this morning and watch her sit at the table, dip the brush in some water and paint with watercolour. My!

Outside there is a large deck where the kindy kids play - the Monti kids (Tassie's group) usually go further down the hill where the play area and rabbits are.

It's hard to see in the photo, but the view of the hills is stunning. The parents appreciate this more than the kids who don't seem to notice!

Can't wait to see the official photos.

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