07 October, 2010

Thursday - hooray for going outside again

It was an unusual day today. I got up at 5.30 - I Know - to continue my 2009 back scrapping project (a shortened version of 365 where I have a month's worth of photos on a double layout for each month of last year. I've done December, now on November). It was a much much nicer start to the usual day. I heard the sound of rumbling so when it was light enough went looking for our resident koala. He was gone by the afternoon.

At about 10am I took the babies outside for some crafting. I was really delighted with the ice cube trays I bought at IKEA ($1.25 each) which were perfect for making plaster moulds for the babies to paint. In fact, Angie had more fun tossing his on the ground, reading the newspaper put down to catch paint and drawing with chalk, mainly on his face. Tassie painted the underside of her jellyfish to use as stamps on her paper. Creative thinking, I like it!

1 comment:

Wendy said...

very creative of you and Tassie. Would never have thought of using ice cube trays as plaster moulds


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