25 October, 2010

Monday - perfectly ordinary

It was a spontaneous kind of day actually. I got up 5.15am, and after we dropped Tasmin off at 9am, Angus and I walked to the park (he in the pram). This is something I intend to do more often. We then went for a special shopping trip for an Ipod I've decided I need. I've gone this long without one I know, but if I'm going to be walking everyday, in the early morning, I'm going to need something to listen to right? The small annoyance was they've changed the 16GB model that Fave has, so you can't watch video on it anymore. I've decided it doesn't matter, since I'm only planning to use it for listening anyway.

Digi Elements by Gina Cabrera, Desginer Digitals

The other thing I bought as soon as I saw it was a slow cooker. I'm going to write more about this soon but I used it tonight for dinner and it is sensational! Plus I found some silicone moulds in the shape of dinosaurs, and some butterflies and ladybugs. Great for my plaster of paris to mould with and keep the kids amused. I also got a number-shaped ice cube tray and letter-shaped cookie cutters for Tassie's amusement. On my travels I noticed this book and look at the author's first name! I'm always surprised to see the name Tasmin or Tasmina since it's unusual.

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