16 October, 2010

Friday - thinking of you Dad

Today was a special day. It was exactly a year ago today that Manda, Mike and I were called to our dear Dad's bedside at the hospital at 2am where we stayed until 6pm that evening when he passed peacefully away. It was a powerful experience and we three will never forget it. I've thought about Dad every day since then and thought today would be hard. It wasn't. Earlier in the week when I finally picked up the bag with some of his freshly washed and folded clothes in it, and his woolly hats with his smell still on them, and his favourite book of Omar Khayyam's poetry did I cry. But not today. Manda came over with Delilah while Angie slept, and we chatted and had a cup of tea. We will wait until his birthday later in the year and then we will celebrate our father and his interesting life.

I had to include this photo of Angus. Doesn't he look like one of the Beatles!

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