13 October, 2010


It was a big day today. Had to get the babies to North Adelaide by 11am for an appointment. Everything went smoothly, since I made sure we left really early, and even though the carpark was full when we arrived, I immediately found a spot round the corner of the building. Tassie behaved well for much of the day except when it was time to leave the playground (bit of a tanty; Angus did too) and getting into the car. That bit was my fault though - I should have remembered to put her in the car from the footpath when we're on a really busy road. So I yelled at her then, and she burst into tears, but she was happily back to her normal self in minutes.

Grateful for:
1.Getting the heating system serviced. The house is warmer - should have done it ages ago.
2. Taking the time to tidy and dust the main bedroom this morning.
3. My new routine, starting the day at 5am. It's BRILLIANT.
4. Having my mobile phone handy for spur-of-the-minute photos when out.
5. Happening across some incredibly beautiful art that made me stop to admire for several minutes by artist Emma Kate Codrington.
6. My ever-faithful husband. Love that man!

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