19 October, 2010


I took Angie for his blood test, the one where we haven't been able to go for four months because he's been almost continuously unwell, with a runny nose. It was a bit traumatic for us both, because he doesn't like being examined by doctors and nurses. At all. So we went for a little play in the playground afterwards and all felt much better. It's a terrible grainy mobile phone pic but you can see us both in the reflective glass.

It was lovely to be able to catch up with cousin Noni at a North Adelaide cafe as well. She still travels (for work) since getting married in May which is great - we love it when she contacts us when she's in our area. Tassie reminds me a lot of Noni when she was the same toddler age, dressing up, doing 'concerts' for visitors and drawing and painting like mad. Yep, that's Tassie. And I hope Noni doesn't mind me saying this, but she sold her first major portrait from her Year 12 assessment for $3000. Wow! That's the average price of a Percy Watson (my great uncle, highly respected Australian artist).


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