25 October, 2010

Saturday - Angie's birthday party

On the morning of the party, Tassie and Angus helped Daddy blow up some balloons. Look at Angie watching his Daddy!

I love how grown up he looked in his new outfit. So handsome, so smart!

I was very proud of the way these little teacups turned out. Everyone loved them.

I asked Fave to get out the video camera so we could record parts of the party. The birthday cupcakes had little dinosaur lollies on them. Ironically, Angie didn't care for the lollies! I was looking forward to the pass-the-parcel game which I wanted everyone to join in with.

We played "The Safety Dance" song - we love that song, can't get enough of it - and each layer that was unwrapped revealed an animal nose! Everyone joined in, including Manda, Mike and Gandy. The only problem was that Angie didn't enjoy the game, and found the noses scary.

Tassie won the prize - such a great idea when you have siblings at a party who don't want to feel left out. My sister and I share the same birthday so we each received presents at the one party as children. Much easier for our parents. Tas looked fab in her new dress.

Tassie got to blow out the candles too.

This is the FIRST time Angie ever had cake. It was a special egg-free cake and - unbelievably - it tasted wonderful! I used a packet cake mix and added egg replacer. Too easy! He loved it. Thank goodness he liked something about the day. This was the closest we got to a smile I think.

Angie loved the Megasketcher I bought with money from Mutti Robin. Tassie loved her little mini sketcher prize from pass-the-parcel.

Aah. Relief. 5pm and everyone's gone home for dinner.

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Wendy said...

A very happy birthday to Angus - glad he was so enthralled with his mega sketch. I'm so impressed with your cakes and the dear little marshmellow cups. Love the photo of you and Angus too.


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