19 October, 2010


On Saturday afternoon I remembered that I'd seen Tassie's elegant little lady hand beside Angie's chubby baby one, and wanted to capture them together. The thought was so spontaneous that we all - Ian included - piled our hands on Angie's highchair tray, crumbs and all.

On Sunday we all piled outside while Fave took to the weeds-of-mass-destruction along the back fence. Our back fence is very looooonnnnggg. So he was out there for hours. Tassie busily helped him, even going inside to the laundry at one stage and emerging with rubber gloves she'd found from under the laundry sink. And there's another cupboard we've forgotten to toddler proof. Angie contented himself with the sandpit. I, er, took photos. Oh and watched the kids.

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