01 February, 2011

Monday - dressmaking lessons

This, dear readers, is my first ever attempt at making myself a garment from a pattern all by myself! Sort of. Actually with help. I found a flyer for a dressmaking teacher who gives lessons from her home. It's 10 minutes from my home, and I take my own - SIMPLE - commercial top or skirt pattern, no knits, and we go from there! I took the trusty baby Elna, but it wasn't needed. No siree. I took the whole two and a half hours just cutting out the patterns and pinning them onto the fabric. Yikes! I'm slow, but I'm sooooo excited to be doing this.

The teacher wondered why I had so few pins and why they were rusty. Well that's because a). I used some pins for my applique projects at Christmas and can't seem to find where I put them. Oops. And b). they're rusty because they were my Mum's and haven't been used for years. So, new pins, and proper dressmaking scissors, that's what's on the shopping list this week. Don't think my pocket money is going to stretch quite that far. Lucky it's my birthday month LOL! Though I do have a Christmas voucher for a local store that could be used. Oh goodie!

As for the patterns and fabric bought at Spotlight, well, that's a story for another day. Phew! That was nerve racking.


dee -@ The Old Fat Hen said...

good luck with the sewing,I just bought ny daughter a sewing machine for christmas she is sewing bits of other things but no clothes yet-love dee

Debbie Smith said...

Awesome! I'd been sewing fabric bits on to my scrap pages and got so comfortable sewing straight-ish lines and zig zag that I was ready for the next step!


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