31 January, 2011

Sunday - Gandy comes for a day

These are the babies first thing Sunday morning - we give them a drink of milk right away, til everyone's feeling more sensible. Unfortunately Angie has the indignity of wearing hot pink to bed at the moment, cos he has to wear a sleeping bag that'll fit him and most are made for babies. I need to fix the one I made (it needs a button to hide the zipper). Gandy agreed to come over in the morning, which gave me a chance to sneak off to Spotlight to go pattern and fabric shopping - my dressmaking class starts Monday night. Hooray!

I must point out that while I was in the pool, I asked Ian to grab the camera to take this photo. It's the first time in about a year I've seen Angie snuggled up to someone other than Ian or I! It was so sweet to see this progress.

Cool frames are from Designer Digitals.

1 comment:

Wendy said...

gorgeous photo and wonderful to see the progress


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