06 January, 2011

Thursday shopping two ways

This morning I took the plunge, taking the two children to the big shopping centre and waiting until 9.50am to leave - on purpose! This would have been unthinkable to leave so late, recently, but little man seems to be able to stay awake until after lunch now. So we bought cute new undies for Tas, some notebooks and scrapbook album refills for me, printer ink, chemist stuff and that was about it. Oh yes and I forgot, a banana milkshake and rainbow icecream. Up to 10 minutes guaranteed blissful - slurpy - silence. And how cool is this - we had our shopping delivered this afternoon for just a few dollars.

Daily gratitude:
1. For being able to take the babies shopping and to enjoy it
2. To have the shopping delivered and be able to afford it
3. For seeing and appreciating and loving Tasmin with new eyes
4. For the weekly bible lesson and a fantastic CS practitioner

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