21 January, 2011

Thursday - scrapbooking layout

I managed a couple of layouts at the start of the month, using photos from Tasmin's first week - here is one of them:

Love these little paper roses, which are handmade and easy and quick to make from a strip of paper. Here's a photo I use to help me remember what to do (I've lost the link for this but you can simply Google spiral roses and there's hundreds of tutorials to follow):

Today I took the babies shopping and declared (again) that I would never do this again! Mainly because of Tasmin. Sigh! She's so difficult nearly all of the time. I made a really hard decision today after talking to Ian, but it feels like we've made the right decision. I've booked her in for two holiday program days next week, where she'll probably be the youngest, but I know she'll be just fine. When the school term returns in a week or so, she'll still only be attending her Montissori twice a week, but I'm paying for the after hours kindy care on those days, so she'll be away from 9am to 3pm twice a week. To be honest, the place we visited today (where she'll be) wasn't nearly as good as her usual daycare place, but the staff member in charge was terrific and I feel sure she'll be fine. It's only for term 1, in any case. It's costing us an arm and a leg, and we definitely can't afford it, but being in Melbourne helped me realise that if I don't help myself, noone else is going to. I'm going to need this time with Angus... more on this soon.

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