10 January, 2011

Sunday gardening

Tassie and I are very proud of our newest project - a little herb and vegetable garden. We bought a crinkly tin base, filled it with potting soil, and planted some tomato plants from Addisyn and Monique, and the herbs we had in various pots. Ian caught the gardening bug too, and pulled out a straggly old dead bush from the front yard, and also planted six agapanthus near the front door, underneath trees. We showed it all to Gandy when she visited in the afternoon, and she was impressed. Let's hope they grow!

1 comment:

Wendy said...

happy gardening. Basil works well for tomatos when planted with them. You should have no probs having agapanthus grow. Our frequent chore is cutting them back from the path as they self multiply and thicken. Look forward to seeing you on Saturday


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