12 January, 2011

Wednesday baby farm animals

We had a little excursion out of the house this morning with Tassie's friend Addisyn and her mum today to see the baby farm animals. Angie watched from his pram, while the other two went right inside the gate to pat the animals. I think the girls' favourites were the rabbits. Tassie was quite fearless even with the ducks.


dee -@ The Old Fat Hen said...

Hi debbie

you left a comment on creativity and love and i checked out the other blog of yours that your not doing anymore -I LOVE IT....so i came over to this one LOVE IT so how do i become a follower,?
hope you will check out my blog and become a follower as well-love dee ps good luck on .365

Debbie Smith said...

Oh wow, thanks so much Dee. That's really made my day! Will definitely come and check out your blog! Deb :-)


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