04 January, 2011

Monday - off to the beach

Last day of "holidays" or before our beloved returns to work tomorrow. So, after spending the morning deciding on an exciting new purchase we're soon to go ahead with - an online purchase - he decided we should all choof off to the beach. And so we did! Angie looks a little doubtful in the photo but he loved the sun and fresh air and a jolly good run around at a playground where we stopped for a little picnic - sandwiches, fruit, calamari and chips.

Tassie and I headed off for the beach while Ian and Angus strolled around a little. She loved the beach, of course. She's such an outdoor child, and I so love the beach too. She ended up soaking wet within minutes but I didn't want to spoil her fun, since we rarely visit. It's hard to understand, when it's only a 15 minute drive from our place!

The beach images were taken with my mobile phone, and while I accidentally left my Canon at home, I actually love capturing images outdoors with it. It's only 2megapixel which proves you don't have to be limited by your equipment!

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