21 January, 2011

Tuesday - planting day

Before I had time to think and change my mind, I grabbed the kids and drove to the nursery, which has reopened since the water restrictions were lightened. We bought three lots of plants - colourful petunias, and some little daisy plants and border grass to go in front and behind the row of flowers. Tassie and I worked at removing the ugly dead weeds in an old discarded flower bed near the front of the house, added some cow manure and compost, and bang! in they went. It was surprisingly easy. I watered them with liquid fertiliser and hope they'll last a while! I know they're annuals which means they won't live forever. So now, with the flowers, and the mini vegi garden, I can definitely add gardening to my project list for the year. Bonus! It's only taken me six years to get started.

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