24 January, 2011

Weekend - packing up Xmas and seeing Gandy

At last we packed up the Xmas tree and all the stuff, which was shoved back into the plastic tubs and under the house. Tassie posed for the camera, showing off her Christmas decoration made at Montissori. It's almost as big as she is!

She also posed for the camera to show the tiny piece of blue playdo that she'd had extracted from her ear at the doctor's. It was wrapped in a piece of ear wax. Delightful! It happened a few months ago but I want to do a scrap page about it:

Gandy came over quite late in the afternoon, but was conveniently here in time for tea. We passed on the sad news that our cat Billie was missing since Saturday afternoon. Ian had spent all morning searching the street and neighbourhood for her, even knocking on neighbour's doors. I felt really tired, unable to do much at all. Before dinner, I noticed Angus playing alongside her, which was sweet. He's gradually becoming more sociable, when visitors ackowledge him. Mum's getting better at it, talking to him as well as Tasmin, who demands all the attention.

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