31 January, 2011

Saturday - we bought a swimming pool!

This was a big day. After a grouchy start - children crying and tired of being stuck inside on hot days - we made a snap decision and decided to buy a swimming pool. Not the fancy in-ground kind, mind, but a fancy blow-up pool for less than $100. It fit brilliantly on the deck beside the BBQ and kept Tassie happy for hours and hours. Angie found the water a little cold and wasn't game, but was still happy to go in his swing. Tassie was delighted when a lady bird landed on her hand.

Ian worked tirelessly all morning and afternoon, carting wheelbarrow loads of old timber and rocks that had been dug up and lying around the yard for ages. It all went into a skip for collection on Monday. He was really, really hot afterwards.

Inevitably, we all ended up in the cold water for a cool-off. It was so great.


dee -@ The Old Fat Hen said...

hi deb-the main thing is though you are getting cool.Its been so hot.Hey did you see your other follower -its my mum,I told her your blog was great and she agrees.love dee

Debbie Smith said...

Hi Dee, you're so right - this pool has been used every day since we bought it and it makes such a difference at that difficult 3pm-5pm timeslot in the afternoons. You'd know the one I mean LOL! And yes I did see your Mum is also a follower - hi Joan! Thanks for dropping by ;-) xox


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