21 February, 2011

Friday and weekend catchup

Friday was a rainy-all-day experience. Look at the view out the window:

It was misty and spooky outside in the street

On Saturday I had the great pleasure of a kid free day. A morning workshop refresher for teachers of Year 11 and 12 English, then a trip to the scrapbooking shop to spend my Christmas voucher. Two days before my birthday, LOL! I was really in luck when I got there, because Louise Nelson was doing a class and she had a free spot so I joined right in.

I finished my page at home (because I'm the world's slowest and most retarded scrapper) and I LOVE it. I used a photo of a winter morning from last year, and because I hate winter, I thought I'd colour it up a bit! Such a cool technique, to adhere tissue paper on to cardstock. She is creative and also such a wonderful person. You must visit her blog for lots of scrappy inky inspiration.


I set Tasmin up with some paints in the kitchen - hence the kitchen studio! She very sweetly painted a milo tin for my birthday present. What a little treasure.


Sharmaine Kruijver said...

OH! To have a class with Lou... simply oh soooooo good!!! Love what you made

Debbie Smith said...

Thanks! It's a really fun technique, just need glue and tissue paper. Lou's teaching at the Scrapbooking convention in Brisbane in June - I've registered to go, whopee!

Sharmaine Kruijver said...

I'd love to go too, was hoping it might tie into a "brisbane trip" for Dave but no :( Still on my list of can-I's lol


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