23 February, 2011

Wednesday - new playgroup and a bit of help from the universe

Tasmin came along to visit Angus's new playgroup today. I had this lovely feeling of anticipation on the way there, that it was going to be something good. Usually when going to something new and children-related I get very anxious and a bit stressed but there was none of that today. I happened to read this terrific line last night in a Christian Science Sentinel: The place that you seek seeks you, and the place you need needs you. If you've read The Alchemist, by the brilliant Paulo Coelho, you'll understand! We fit right into this warm and welcoming place and while it felt a little confronting for the first minute or two, faced a Down Syndrome child and another with an apparent facial deformity, I soon relaxed and noticed that neither Tasmin, nor Angus, nor any of the other kids were aware of anyone "different" or "out of place". I felt so grateful to be there today. Thanks, universe, for meeing our very specific need to feel we belong somewhere in this often unwelcoming place!

Tasmin was brilliant today. She played very happily at the playgrounp, where the kids were younger except for one, and Angus played happily on his own, exploring the new environment. I think, at long last, Wednesday (usually a stressful day: the day both kids are at home and the day I also have to go to work later in the afternoon) may be a happy place to be again.

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Wendy said...

so glad your needs have been met


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