08 February, 2011

Monday - scrapbooking mojo's back

Saturday night saw the return of Scrapbooking Mojo. When things get hectic at home, and all I can think of is the endless projects I haven't done, it all gets a bit overwhelming and creativity comes. to. a. stop.

However, I decided to do a layout on Saturday night just for the fun of it and that did the trick. I did four. On Sunday I did another. Then I had an idea. I knew I needed a list for February - with achievable goals to complete. The problem was that there's no room for a noticeboard in the study, and I can't always get on the computer. Then I realised I had a noticeboard on my desk all along! It's from Officeworks and has been there for ages to protect the desk, but holds a large pad of paper I've never used. So now it is the noticeboard and there's a good incentive to clear off my desk so I can see what's next to do!

This blog post at Ali Edwards really helped with my mojo too. Check out the links to One Really Important Word and How You Can Tell All Your Photo Stories this year. Pure inspiration.


dee -@ The Old Fat Hen said...

love your project list.I am a list person -love them to pieces any way i have a book yes a book for all my lists-love dee

Debbie Smith said...

Now a book is a very very good idea!


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