26 February, 2011

Saturday - cafe outing

On friday night I decided rather spontaneously to go to a local cafe for dinner, since Ian had been away all week and would be home late. Manda and Mum agreed to come too and it made a lovely change. Definitely plan to do this again soon. Angus was a little hard to keep happy but it wasn't too bad.

Today Manda and I went to a different local cafe - some cute artwork by a local girl, Emily Brown - and enjoyed coffee and brunch with baby Delilah. A belated double birthday celebration.


Wendy said...

love the idea of the cafe dinner. I've been dining at the Pooler restaurant while B was away - great food and supportive company

Debbie Smith said...

That's good. Hopefully Brian will be back soon. I don't like it when Ian's away.


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