18 February, 2011

Thursday - haircut day

After dropping Tassie off in the morning to Monti, Angus and I caught up on some errands and I even risked a few minutes of op-shopping before he cracked it and demanded we go home. I picked up some cute handbags and tops, a scarf and a book for Tasmin all for around $20. One kind lady offered to watch Angus while I tried things on.

In the afternoon we took Tassie to the hairdressers. For just a few bucks, we came away with a magnificent little bob - photos soon! It was a rush getting myself ready for work in time. The two nights a week is really taking its toll on me and Ian and the kids. I bought three more things for myself after work during late night shopping and a few bits and bobs for the kids. A really good day.

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