25 February, 2011

Friday play

I have to admit to sneaking off to the study to upload photos for printing today. I am almost a month behind in my 365 project, but thanks to this good ol' blog, it's all documented anyway. I'm going to get the February photos printed this afternoon, and hopefully spend tonight sticking them into the album. It's great for the children to follow our lives that way.

I didn't entirely neglect Angus, though, and we spent some time rolling balls around, throwing them, and playing with the shape sorter.

I've just had the incredibly exciting news that Angie can start at childcare on Monday which means - OMG - that I can do whatever I like that day, no kids. Holy cow, where to start??? Shopping? Haircut? Scrapbooking? Project 365? Photobook? Sewing? Housework? (The last one was just to test if you were still reading!)

Happy weekend!


dee -@ The Old Fat Hen said...

I don't know which i would chose,Probaly the ironing ha ha just checking that you were awake ha ha He looks so cute butter won't melt in his mouth ha ha -love dee

Wendy said...

I can see your hanging out to do that housework. I was so pleased with myself to get the vacuuming done on Friday while K was in her chair. She didn't mind the noise but preferred it if I was in her sight. After vacuuming a room when I couldn't see it I would turn off the vacuum to see how she was going and if happy move on to the next room.

Debbie Smith said...

Ah yes housework. It does feel so good to get a room cleaned up but when babies turn into toddlers the glory is very short lived!


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