06 February, 2011

More on the photobook

Mostly I just uploaded photos straight from the computer and made them whole-page size. But there was a bit of photoshopping here and there, as you can see with the picture of Angie crawling at the park. That was a fun one to do! I also used some of the masks that came with the program, where the photo looks painted on. Lots more photobooks to come, I think. Stay tuned!


dee -@ The Old Fat Hen said...

Hi debbie love this photo book.what company do you use.I go through either Big w or Snapfish.Love Momento books but they are too exspensive.Mine are pretty basic compared to your beautiful one .check out the blog there is a couple on there...Also how did you learn photo shop?i have elements 6 i can change to black and white with say a hat in colour but that is self taught.you should do some basic tuturiols on how to use,i would pay for those lessons-love deeps your daughters hair is so gorgeous,

Debbie Smith said...

thanks Dee. The company is called Albumworks and they're not much more than Big W when I compared. Much, much nicer too! I'll have to check yours out. I started with an online blog post teaching about Photoshop, something clicked, and I picked op the rest myself. I'll email you the doc, Deb xox P.S. I've borrowed a book from the library with lessons to learn Photoshop Elements 8 (I have 7) and it comes with a CD. Haven't started yet.


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