15 February, 2011

Monday - Angus succeeds

Angus really surprised me today. We had our first proper visit to childcare today, with me observing Angus while he played. He was fine. More than fine, actually he LOVED it! He was in toddler heaven, in the sandpit and racing around the track. Tasmin really surprised me too. She spotted him and ran over, very excited, introduced him around and actually PLAYED with him. When he came inside for lunch, he became confused and looked around for me and cried. I was pleased to see that he used his visual senses to try and work out what was going on. Under pressure, he did brilliantly. He was quickly attended to by the carers, cuddled, and given sandwiches (he rejected all but the jam one. Daddy!) A short while later I came in, and he noticed me, but seemed happy to keep doing what he was doing. Success!

1 comment:

Wendy said...

that is terrific for Angus and lovely of Tasmin to play with him.


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