09 February, 2011

The "Silencio" house scrapbook layout

These photos were begging to get off the harddrive. I think I have a system now, so I can tell stories more regularly. This is about a little family joke we have going, because of the ancient Silencio dishwasher which makes a hell of a racket when it's on, every other noisy appliance/child in the house is referred to as Silencio!

Except for the cute 7 gypsies cardstock, everything else was scraps and stamps - my fave way to scrap.


Sharmaine Kruijver said...

I saw this page in your scrap desk photo and thought OHHHHHH what is that. I have to say, this is my all time fave layout from you. So much I love and now I know the story behind the page I love it more!!!

Debbie Smith said...

Ohhh thank you thank you Sharmaine! It was really fun to do this page, and so satisfying doing a favourite family story. Plus I had some inspiration from your stylish layouts ;-) xoxox


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