14 February, 2011

Weekend - Bangka Day Memorial Service

Saturday - caravan window shopping.

We're just thinking about it - could we live in one while the house is being renovated? Then keep it for holidays?

Ian took Tasmin along to the Bangka Day Memorial Service in the morning. It was a struggle to be up and ready in time for the 10am start, but they made it. Tasmin was honoured to be taken with Daddy. She kept the little sprig of rosemary for Show and Share at Little Playschool.

She had a bit of fun playing with lego afterwards and made a huge colour coordinated robot. It didn't exist long enough for a photo. We went to our annual street party later on, so it ended up being quite a late night.

1 comment:

dee -@ The Old Fat Hen said...

Oh Debbie i let me 1st husband talk me into this caravan living while the house got built-we had 1 child and the caravab was huge 2 sep bedrooms and a shower and tiolet,it was fine in summer in winter the wind shook it bad,Would i do it again .NO Never.-love dee


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