23 December, 2010

Wednesday - wrapping pressies

This is such a fun week, before Christmas, with all the Favourites at home together. This morning we had an enomous pile of soft toys to wrap in festive Christmas paper. They are actually some of the toys we have been given since the children's birth that aren't played with anymore and still look brand new. So we decided to wrap them and take them to the K-Mart wishing tree for other children to enjoy who may not be getting much/anything this Christmas. We enjoyed doing this so much, that we are going to make this an annual tradition, and I will ask the children to give up one toy each year, as well as buy something new to give as a gift.

I hadn't realised you can give gifts of any age, even grandparents. I love the idea that you can just buy an extra gift while you're doing Christmas shopping and pop it under the tree. Brilliant.

Tassie found this little candy cane with eyes and reindeer antlers, but couldn't quite work it out.

Later in the morning we caught up with Tassie's friend Addisyn for a playdate at the Gardens, which gave the children a chance to run off some steam. When I got home there was a bit of time for my proejcts. There's an exciting new project in the works - the Christmas album - with dobule page layout for every Christmas since Ian and I met, 2002. In the evening I took Tasmin with me shopping which we actually really enjoyed. It was surprisingly relaxed. I took nine photos for enlargement to the 6x8" size, and bought a couple of last minute things while I was there.

Photos coming soon.

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