28 December, 2010

The VERY long Christmas post

Friday 24th - Christmas Eve
Tassie rushed out to greet me when Daddy brought her home from Little Playschool - she immediately wanted to show me her journal. It was truly special. The staff at childcare had carefully put together this beautiful journal of her artwork from throughout the year, with a photo on the front. She went through each page carefully with Daddy.

25th December - Christmas Day
We woke up to bulging Santa sacks. We had one each - I got a generous scrapbooking voucher, Ian got egg rings in the shape of Australia (well I thought it was supposed to be silly stuff!) and the kids got lots of little, fun things. Proper presents tomorrow for the Christmas Part II party, plus presents later today from extended family.

This was where we went for Christmas Day this year - Ian's parents' place. There were about 4000 presents under the tree.

This is my absolute favourite photo from the whole of Christmas - Tassie was going around handing out presents saying "Happy Christmas"to each and every person and her eyes were lit up with such joy and wonder.

Sunday 26th December - Boxing Day
Christmas Part II. I so missed my family on Christmas Day. Ian woke up feeling very unwell with a (stress) migraine that we had to put our Christmas get-together back until late in the afternoon. I was so busy getting everything ready on my own that I left out nearly everything I'd planned for the day and we went with the basic version - the turkey, ham, and salads. And you know what? It was perfect. I took a photo of myself to prove that I was indeed there. And I also got some beautiful portraits of Manda with Mike and Delilah, exactly like my cousin Noni took for me, Ian and Tasmin almost exactly three years ago. Can't wait to see them.

Monday 27th December
There's Daddy, STILL building the jumping toy and it's two days after Christmas! It was eventually finished and presented to the children the next day. And who can resist the Christmas tree lights at night?

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