03 December, 2010

Wednesday - getting to meet Santa

It's Dad's birthday today. Thinking of you, Dad, especially having just completed the mini book about our farewell to you a year ago.

This morning started out badly. I was in a really really bad mood. I yelled at the kids, which is rare for me. It turned out to be a good thing that we had pre-arranged a playdate with Tassie's best friend at childcare, Addy, and her Mum. Even though we arrived at the kids play/coffee shop and the sign said CLOSED FOR BUSINESS MONDAY, and even though we found another one downstairs with a very open play area where the kids kept running away (yes, I include Angus here) and even though Angus grabbed my coffee and spilled it all over himself (lucky it was only warm) it was a GREAT morning. We went and had photos taken with the big man, and well, it all turned out OK.

This makes me happy. Tassie likes to hop up on my stool and see what I've been working on. She had a really good look through the mini book about our Melbourne trip, and loved flipping and peeking her way through it.

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