13 December, 2010

Saturday and Sunday - perfect weekend

This was one of those rare, very happy, very relaxed weekends. I didn't feel stressed once, the first time in a while, I think. I took the children out for a walk on Saturday morning to do some errands - photos, library books, fresh bread - and everyone returned happy, though Angie was ready for his nap. I started a new/old project - Angie's baby book. I started it about 18 months ago, even had the photos printed, but shelved it until now. Can't wait to get going on it.

On Sunday Ian and I had a massive clean and tidy up all afternoon. We cleared out the room opposite the kitchen that had become the local rubbish dump and set up the Christmas tree, with Gandy's help who appeared later in the day. There was a minor disaster when a mousse cake Tas and I spent an hour making ended up on the floor just as it was about to go in the fridge. Spring-form pan. Never used one before, may not again! But all was saved with a quick trip to the shops for a Sara Lee cheesecake.

The other remarkable thing was we finally organised all the not-being-used-today toys into IKEA boxes and found room for them in the kids' enormous but so far, under-utilised wardrobe. Success! The idea is to rotate them with the current boxes in the lounge room when we need a change.

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