16 December, 2010

Tuesday - a first for Angie

Tonight after dinner, I handed Angie the spoon and held the yogurt container, and he managed to eat the whole lot by himself. Fantastic! It's so very exciting when he masters new skills.

Today when he dropped his cup I was saying Where's your cup, Angie, what'd you do with it? And he was emphatically pointing at a spot on the ground saying, There, There, There! Hearing the odd word now is pure music to my ears.

So grateful that the blog gives me a place to record these little events as they happen.
So grateful for the peace and calm I've been feeling since Saturday.
So grateful the term for Monti is finished, especially now that Tassie's behaviour is so improved, and we can enjoy some time at home without rushing out the door all the time.

1 comment:

Wendy said...

Terrific to hear of such progress for Tasmin and Angus. yay!


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