30 December, 2010

Tuesday - visiting day

In the morning, I took Tassie with me to visit Mum (Gandy) and later, Manda and Delilah. The images don't really show how amazing the view is from Mum's unit. She has a view of the magnificent hills behind the trees. She also has a unit in the village positioned in the best possible place, in my opinion, to see all this from her bedroom and kitchen and lounge room windows. Sigh! Mike finished building the new IKEA desk too, so Mum was keen to show it off. It looks exactly right in her unit.

After returning from a visit to Manda and baby Delilah, who looked so sweet in her Jolly Jumper, holding Tassie's hand, we returned for lunch out on the deck with Angus, while Ian took the car to spend some more time with his son, Josh. They went for lunch again, before returning together to stay for the curry chicken I'd made in the slow cooker.

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