14 December, 2010

Monday - Xmas shopping day

The entire morning was taken up with Christmas shopping and the usual food stuff. When the afternoon came round, I amazed even myself by finding the energy to tackle PART2 of the cleaning-out-the-spare-room before my step-daughter Stephanie arrives next weekend. After dinner, I had to go outside and enjoy the glorious daylight savings sunshine - these were taken at 6.30pm. I love the shadows on the brick wall and the bright yellow flowers - they're a native but I'm not sure what they are.

The organisation continued into the evening. My new project boxes arrived from the US (shipped by Amazon) so I spent most of the night reorganising things and getting rid of the clutter. Must take a photo of my new reorgnised space. Beautiful! I also tackled my teacher registration forms which are almost due and tried not to panic at the threats printed in red to Not Be Late Or Else...

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