02 December, 2010

Monday and Tuesday

Monday was a relatively peaceful day. Angie and I are doing shopping on Mondays now which seems a better idea than Friday when we're both a bit tired from the week. It was significant that I bought him his first sippy cup.

On Tuesday I took photos of the two of them playing on the deck, Tassie finding amusement with an empty box, and Angie trying out the new cup.

He is drinking from a cup with no problem. He wasn't able to cope with a cup before this, so after two years it's great to say goodbye to bottles.

This picture says a lot about Angie right now. His hair is getting shaggier and longer because his Daddy can't bear to cut the curls. He has a cup now, not a bottle. He has texta marks on himself as he will write on anything but paper when given the chance. And his Thomas the Tank engine is his latest obsession. He hangs on to it 24 hours a day, even taking it into the bath (it needs a bath as it's pretty grimy by then). And this top he's wearing has button up snaps to prevent his hand wandering into his nappy!

Love those beautiful blue eyes.

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