20 December, 2010

Sunday - sewing project

Check this baby out! I bought this fabric (IKEA) and a zip a year ago but was too scared to try and make a sleeping bag for Angus. He still needed one this year, as it turned out, because a). he kicks off his sheets during the night and b). we don't want him to be able to, er, remove his own nappy. So, fired up with fresh enthusiasm, I decided to tackle this project. I didn't have a pattern, but I can't follow them anyway. So I took his sleeping bag and kind of drew it on to the fabric. It took three goes. Finally I started sewing and if you look closely it's a bit wonky, but hey, I MADE A SLEEPING BAG. I made it. Myself! Yay me.

I really wanted to show it off to Mum but she couldn't make it over today. Steph arrived in the morning and will stay for 10 days over this Christmas period. We're very happy to have her here, as always, but especially for Christmas day, as she's only here alternate years. This year we've decided to have Christmas Day at Ian's parents house, then ours for Boxing Day with my family. That's the compromise when families grow and expand.

Wendy's baby was born sometime this evening, Kirrily Maria Grace. How pretty. Hoping I might get to meet her in January if/when we go to Melbourne. Congratulations Wendy and Brian.

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