24 June, 2010

tuesday organising scrap room

I've been having a lovely old time organising my rather large collection of unmounted acrylic stamps into these CD cases.

I recommend this as a great way to organise stamps... just stick them on the inside back cover, add an image of the stamp as the cover and add a label to the spine. I was amazed how many stamps there were that I'd either not noticed or forgotten about. As you can see above, I'm also keeping them on the shelf right beside the desk so they're easier to get to.

I also desperately needed more space so these nifty little drawers from IKEA, below, now hold my punches and inks, among other things. I used to have the inks up on the highest shelf, which is silly, for something I like to use often. So now I hope to do even more stamping in my layouts, make it a 'signature' thing.

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